The Meek Chic is a muslimah lifestyle blog, It is thus name to describe the main character of the blog, a muslimah – she’s meek by being modest, reserved, quiet, gentle and submissive to Allah’s will. But she’s also smart, educated, sophisticated and fashionable – now that’s chic. In one word, I’d say a muslimah is the ultimate meek chic. (Oops!!!,So it’s three words, lol).

About Me

My name is Lawal Ghaniyyah Aderayo and I’m a muslimah from Lagos state, Nigeria. I’m twenty-something 😉 and studying to get a master degree in Biochemistry. I hope to become a lecturer someday. I believe that by his grace I can achieve anything i set out to do, because I work hard, pray hard and do my best to be the best at what I do. If I’m unable to achieve something it’ll be as a result of a lot of things, but my being a muslimah certainly will not be one of them.

I started this blog to share my view on what I think are the most important aspect of life as a muslimah, which is Faith, Family and Fashion.

My goal is to help muslimahs see that though the deen has made you meek, this isn’t a defect, or a defficiency, or a sign of weakness, and should never be used as an excuse for failure….

This is your (our) identity. It shields and empowers you (us). In fact, it is the best form of freedom.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Assalamu’alaikum, sister! Nice page, indeed! When I read your comment in my post, I asked myself, “who’s the meek chic?, a brother or a sister?” 😉 So I visited your blog. I’m Fatma from Indonesia. Salam my dear friend!

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