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Whenever someone asks of me; how’re you feeling and I say something like I really don’t know they think I just don’t want to tell them, but truthfully I never could tell what a feeling was but I could – more often than not – tell what it feels like, I sometimes wish that there was an app that I could just input what I’m feeling into and it’ll tell me what the feeling is, it’ll be really nice to have an app tell you that you’re crazy – wouldn’t it, hmm I think not. But sadly there is no such app, or is there? 

More than on any day I really wish for that app today, it’ll be nice to name this feeling right now, I don’t know if I’m glad, sad or mad, or if I’m feeling all 3 together or simultaneously. Yeah, it’s a little chaotic right now. 

 I know I’m strange, like really really strange but then again if I knew exactly what I was feeling then it’ll be too boring to write about, it’s just great to be able to make a great post out of ‘I don’t know what this feeling is’or isn’t it? 



A muslimah blogger who loves talking about #Islam, and life as I see it, I'm just me!!! cos that's all I need to be #awesome. I believe in God and I believe in me. team #da'awah

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