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I had the scare of my life tonight, if truth be told the entire family did and everyone just handled the fear in their own weird way, there was denial – refusal to admit that anything worse could happen (we all did hope that it wouldn’t but there was a great chance of it), there was logic -if this is as it was before, then all is well (well, not necessarily), and then there was paranoid – with the what ifs which pushes everyone further into their current emotion, and there was outright depression – there’s no explaining that. And then there was me, I wasn’t quite sure what I was feeling -though I’m still shaken -but I did manage to keep things together, I ran the errands and did what needed to be done while everyone else got to worry. It’s really difficult not to worry when you get the kind of scare which makes you wonder if tomorrow will truly come -of course you know that it will but will you want to see it? It’s the kind of scare which makes you remember all the good that you’ve postponed and make a resolution to get to them, as soon as all becomes well again, it also makes you remember all the evil that you’ve done – no matter how insignificant it seemed at the time -you then by all means seek forgiveness. It’s the kind that you’re grateful it’s over but you aren’t really certain that it is. It’s one of the things that happens. 

Peace be with you… 



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