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MISCONSTRUED – Meet Abdullah

Hello you! Meet Abdullah, he’s the fellow I told you about yesterday,  he is a kind, decent fellow who always has a smile on his face for everyone, he is generous, gives out of things that he loves dearly and makes sure to earn his livelihood only through lawful ways.He never says things that he doesn’t mean, not even as a joke, he is as truthful as can be and unselfishly charitable, never reminding the beneficiaries of his good will nor looking to them for reward. He goes about his quiet life by being patient and always ready to overlook the fault of others, he is pure at heart never thinking evil of any one, and he makes himself and his environment as clean as can be, he spreads the greeting of peace wherever he goes and is generally very friendly and likable.

Regardless of his status or post you could never find him arrogant or proud, he instead is good to his neighbors, considerate of people’s feelings, treats the orphan with kindness, affectionate towards children, respectful and dutiful to his parents, his kind heart won’t let him hurt animals for fun, and is never one to rejoice at the misfortune of other.

He is an honest man, never found wanting of courage who keeps himself chaste even in an era where modesty is a thing of the past, he guards himself from evil and keeps away from vain things. he lives his life in moderation guarding even his tongue from talking too much.

Most people mistake him to be violent but if you were to review his war ethics you would wonder why he bothered with fighting at all. While at war he is not allowed to kill a woman, an infant or child, the old and the sick are equally forbidden to him, he can’t kill a priest who doesn’t attack him, can’t mutilate bodies, destroy places of worship or even cut down a tree, his only excuse for killing an animal is to eat it, he mustn’t destroy buildings, betray his trust or force his religion on anyone. It is his duty to be good to prisoners and also to forgive and release captives. All of these he must do at war, whatever could possess him into killing innocent people who haven’t declared war against him?

I know that this friend of mine sounds like a myth but believe me he is for real, he might forget and slip but that is to be expected for he is human too. You’re probably thinking that you’ve never met the likes of him but I reckon that you have seen a bit of him in every Muslim that you’ve met, for Abdullah is the slave of Allah, he is none other than a true Muslim.

Yeah! Yeah! Interesting story, doesn’t erase the fact that most bombings and killing of innocents were carried out by Muslims, or are you saying that the bombings were all lies or maybe that those guys were not Muslims?

No! No! Anybody with eyes and ears knows that the bombings were definitely real, and it is beyond me to declare anyone non-Muslim when they’ve gone out of their way to declare themselves as one, but what I’m confused about – which prompted this post is – how can you judge billions of innocent people based on the actions of a few hundreds? How do you subject the majority of a population to torture and inhumane acts based on the activities of a disowned minority? How can you not see that doing this is great injustice not only to Muslims but to humanity as a whole, I know for a fact that when a Christian commits a crime all Christians do not become criminals, and also certainly that when a Jew commits a murder it is just the action of a man and all Jews do not become tagged as murderers, so why then do you make my friend’s life so miserable? Why have you attached him so so to criminals that people can no longer differentiate? Why does he have to live a hard nut life because you’ve misconstrued his true image? Why I ask? why?” target=”_blank”>Check out this beautiful video that  I couldn’t put on here 

I asked a question at the beginning of this post and i do believe that now is a good time to answer! If you don’t know what questions I’m referring to then you haven’t read MISCONSTRUED, please check here!

Give my friend a chance, try getting to know him for a change, judge him based on his own actions, when he faults criticize – if you must – and not his religion.

Peace be with you…



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