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There’s this person that I know, he’s living a very difficult life and it has been a while since he has been living this hard nut life of his – unjustly I must say, normally I’m not one to meddle in other people’s business but seeing as this person is one close to my heart I can’t help but be concerned especially because he’s just a poor innocent fellow whose entire being has been misconstrued by a lot of people for a lot of reasons!

My friend’s life is such that he can’t do things the way regular people do it, he can’t get through freely at the airport just like every regular person, he has to do an extra check or two, when he stands idle at a corner just to get some fresh air – he looks suspicious, if he carries a bag – he’s suspicious, if he doesn’t – he’s still suspicious, when he sits on a park bench – mothers carry their little ones to the side farthest from him, they’re actually being nice, most people just get right up and leave, he lives a kind of guilty until proven innocent kind of life. We are in an era where everyone now fights for human right but his rights get trampled upon everyday and no one does anything to help him, everyone just turns a blind eye and tell themselves that he’s most likely guilty just so they can sleep at night. And the media doesn’t make his life any easier, wait! did I forget to mention how popular he is? Well, he is quite famous – if I can call it that, he’s always on the news implicated in one thing or the other, and people innocently sit back at home in front of their T.V screen and decide – that man, that man is a bad man, him and all of his kind. Meanwhile his life is really though in most places, there are  some few places where he is welcomed as a jolly friend. I must confess that he doesn’t have a very good public image but I do intent to change that in my own little way.

Before I proceed, I’ll like to ask two questions, one for my mysterious friend and the other for you.

My question to him is: The person you are, and the person you’re supposed to be – are they one and the same?

And to you I ask: The person that you believe him to be, and the person that he really is – are they even related? Do you give him a chance and try to know him or do you just judge him based on what the media has to say? Whatever your answer was, do you think that it is fair? – oops! Looks like a lot more than just two questions there but I’m sure that you’ll manage!

Before you answer that, I’ll like to formally introduce my friend to you.

To be continued….


This post was looking like it was going to be really long and so for the sake of lazy readers like myself I have decided to cut it right here, I know that doesn’t seem fair to people who can keep going but I really would like that you read every word of it and so my decision stays. Find out who my friend is and why he shouldn’t have to live a hard nut life in my next post – in sha Allah.

While it’s best to let me introduce him first before you answer my question, you could set your imaginations free and see if you can figure out who my friend is, I’m quite sure that you’ve met. Which ever the case, leave me a comment.

Until my next post


Peace be with you…




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