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The Truly Unfortunate One

Who do you consider to be truly unfortunate?
As Salam Alaykum (peace be upon you )  everyone,  hope you have been good?
I attended the Jummat service (Friday prayer)  in school last Fri, and here are my thoughts on the sermon. The Imam brought to our notice that we are now in the month of Safar, and that before we realized it the year will be over, so he asked how we were preparing for our meeting with Allah (swt), what good deeds we were imbibing and what evil ones we were abandoning. Then he addressed people with authority, rich people, who were taking advantage of their positions and wealth  and doing Haram things, he made examples of their evil deeds and asked how they intend to make paradise.

Well it was  a school community so there were lots of people with authority – lecturers, doctors, professors, department heads, etcetera – there to whom the sermon was directed but I could not but wonder what people like me – students or anyone without much authority – were thinking, I thought maybe they would think “this doesn’t affect me”  or “the Imam is so right, those people are evil”  or “the punishment is well deserved”.  I may not know what others were thinking but I sure am aware of my thoughts, I thought that these people that the Imam referred to, they would steal, collect bribe and be corrupt just to be comfortable in life and they were comfortable so if they end up in hell – just my thoughts – at least they gained something, they lived well by their standards. But what do we say of a man who is poor, lives a wretched life barely making ends meet and still won’t do good deeds? He has nothing in this life and all of his actions are such that he’ll have nothing but pain and torment in the next. What do you say of him? I say that he is the truly unfortunate one.

The next time we listen to a sermon about the punishment for evil done by rich people with authority, before you decide “this doesn’t concern me, I’m not in a position to do any of that”  first think about what evil deeds you are doing – that the imam of course didn’t mention – and think how unfortunate it’ll be to miss paradise (may Allah grant us Paradise) despite not having all the luxury, wealth and authority of the rich.

Peace be with you…



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