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Happy Anniversary

The meek chic is one!!!  yaaaay!!!!!!! Okay technically the Meek Chic is a year and a couple of months old but if you’ve read my recent posts you’ll understand why this is coming just now.
I really can’t believe that I made it this far, I mean, when sometime in August over a year ago, I made up my mind to start the meek chic I had great plans and expectations for her, but somewhere along the line, I guess I must have gotten lost, a little off track I must say and it took a lot – divine intervention – for me to decide to keep going, I mean I literally almost gave up, I thought that if I sucked this much at blogging then maybe it was time to let go – I best spare the world of lazy blogger, no one will miss me – but then a series of events happened and that’s why we’re still here. First, someone shared a post that she’d seen on her school’s page with me and it took me reading half way to realize –“ wait, I wrote this – about a year ago”.  You can’t imagine what that felt like. And then I got a notification from wordpress, I just reached a 100 followersI – now I know that for some people that’s nothing for a year old blog but you have to remember that I suck at it – so yeah! It was a big deal and I almost couldn’t believe that I finally reached that mark despite that I’ve been expecting it for a while now. Well I decided, there’s no doubt that I suck, but I must be doing something right or must have done something right to reach this point – better late than never right?  so I said to myself – No! I can’t give up now, I can’t let all these people down, they trusted me or saw something in me, I’m not sure exactly what that was but I’m grateful for it. I’m saying thank you to all of you for keeping me going.

You guys have been awesome

Peace be with you…



A muslimah blogger who loves talking about #Islam, and life as I see it, I'm just me!!! cos that's all I need to be #awesome. I believe in God and I believe in me. team #da'awah

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