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Give Thanks

I originally planned a different post for today but this just happened and I just had to share. Today was quite stressful which was unusual, I had to get to school before 8am to meet up with sample collection for my project work which is going well by the way (Alhamdulillah) and amazingly I made it (it’s  very unlike me), and oh did I mention that it was stressful? Well, it was.
And so all I could do after getting home-exhausted- was to look forward to 19:00 when I finally get to eat (it’s actually 18:30 but I figured cooking and solah into the equation) . I know what you’re thinking but No! I didn’t sit by the clock, and you’re wrong again – I didn’t count the seconds till it was time, I kept busy and just looked forward to it, okay ?
So you can imagine how I felt when about 10 minutes before 19:00 I had an urgent errand to run – urgent because I had to go and be back before 19:00, and no it wasn’t because of my food in case you were wondering. Anyway, I did go, stopped by the mosque for solah and made it back in about 20 minutes, I rushed back home – I ran – it was finally time for food I was thinking but I was wrong again for there was another errand awaiting me. I sighed – sadly- and was soon on my way – not before I had a snack, only this time I made less haste. On my way out I noticed a fairly old man trying to make his way  from the blocks across from ours, he had a staff which aided his movement, he looked like he was heading for the gates and out somewhere, I didn’t know him and so I paid him little attention and just made my way to the next street and then to the one after that lamenting all the way wishing I could have gotten what I wanted a little closer to home, ordinarily I might have turned back and gone home to say – I couldn’t get what I was sent- but tonight was different, tonight I persevered and made sure I got it no matter how far I had to go – though it wasn’t too far I was really tired. Anyway, I got it  and made my way home but you won’t believe what sight I met just as I made my way down our street, the same old man was walking towards me only this time I was heading back home and he still on his way out. You can’t imagine how shocked I was, I who was tired and hungry and maybe a little sad, I who had a stressful day and could onky now think about bed, I had made it two streets away and back and this old man hadn’t managed to reach the exit of our street. I was moved almost to tears! now you’re probably thinking – I felt sad about how ungrateful I’ve been- but no! I didn’t feel ungrateful at all, in fact I felt very grateful prior to the incident. I was grateful and thankful all the way – while I was hungry _ food awaited me, while I was tired _ I had a cozy room waiting – so no I didn’t feel ungrateful but rather I felt ignorant, I hadn’t realized the extent of God’s mercies, it is such that as people when some things come easy to us we tend to take them for granted, because when we opened our eyes we could see, and when we opened our mouth we could speak, and whenever we tried to we could walk, we don’t see them as big deals and hence we don’t remember to be grateful for them, no! we don’t even think that it is something worth being grateful for. As people we tend to feel gratitude only when some great good has been done to us, like when we win a contract, pass an exam, survive some major accident, or some other ‘tangible’ thing like that, while the little things that we take for granted are the ones we can’t live without. We need to start seeing the magnitude of the goodness in every moment of our lives, I was hopping about without much effort yet the old man was struggling, I bet he’ld give anything for what I had, you have good eyes but all you do with it is cry over every little matter while there are people who’ll do all but kill to see what the sky looks like, you have hands to do with as you please and breathe freely of Allah’s air, but yet you don’t feel that your life is great, you don’t see how much you’ve been blessed, you don’t think how great this good that has been done to you…
Allah (swt) owes us nothing but gives us  everything but we take them all for granted and forget to give thanks, tonight I got a great reminder for  indeed


hich of the favors of your Lord can you deny? Q55:13.

Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!!  Alhamdulillahi Robbil alamin

Peace be with you …



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