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It is with great joy that I inform you of my brother’s wedding,  yes! My brother, first, one and only, he got married on Saturday 22nd of October and all praise is due to Allah. I know I know, I should have invited you instead of just telling you about it now that it’s over but I thought I would minimise my disappointment rate – whatever good that did – my friends didn’t show up…

Okay that’s not completely true, one of my friends did show up (thanks for coming dear) and the rest of them had great excuses ranging from ‘you didn’t tell me’ to no excuse at all, but it’s all good, the party was still fun without you, didn’t even notice you weren’t there till it was over.
That has been said, now to the party gists…
It was one of those occasions where both bride and groom share the same name,  yeah you heard right, it’s Kabirah and AbdulKabir #KSquare2016. It was a glorious day, all of our worries, stress and tension gave way to euphoria, it was all we – anyone – could ever hope for.
We had been worried about money,  where all the money would come from, up until a few days to the wedding we were still worried about that,  actually even now I’m not sure where all the money came from, we just know that we got it when we needed it, alhamdulillah. Then there was the stress, ordinarily I had planned not to stress myself this time – last time was my sister’s wedding and I was worked out – I had thought that this time, since we’re the groom’s family there shouldn’t be much to do but unfortunately for me – I say unfortunately because I’m a little lazy – I can sew, and that meant I had a lot of sewing to do, I can still feel my legs aching from paddling my sewing machine, and oh there were the guests who came over to our home – I don’t like guests, again because I’m lazy, having guests over equals more chores – and then again that couldn’t be avoided.
And oh talk about worries – the hall was a tad bit small, couldn’t contain all the guests, we worried about that too, and about a million and one other things that could go wrong, but in the end – it all ended with praise. Alhamdulillah
I pray Almighty Allah forgive our short-comings and bless the union.

Now pictures

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom

Yup! That’s my brother 😘
Bride and her Dad

Happy Married life big brother, love you loads, and oh welcome to the family sis, all the joy your heart can take.

Peace be with you…



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9 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. My big brother got married…
    All thanks to Allah…we got d cutest bride..from master to MR…from miss to MRS…Almighty Allah bless your union..Aameen..
    I love you bro and miss you

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