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Writer’s Block

*** Clears throat ***
There comes a point in every writers career when he just can’t figure how to go on and I think that I’ve just reached that point…

Hold-up! Before you get carried away with that fiction, you should know that there’s something wrong with it, no I meant a lot of things wrong with it. First of, I really dunno if all writers  get a block, I mean, it is quite possible that some people are really really smart and they never get to that point,  or maybe it’s not,  I really dunno but I wrote that anyway. Then there’s the me referring to me as a writer, yeah right! So much for writing. And then the biggest of all fallacies – “I think I just got to that point” what? Wait,  who am I kidding? Think I just got there? **scoffs** More like I think I’ve been living there! Been at that point forever and now I’m just really sick of it. Sick of the not knowing what to write or how to, I can’t really explain what the feeling is but some smart people did rightly call it a  ‘writer’s block’.
So I’ve heard of people who sit in front of their computer, or their type writer, or just simply a desk with a pen and paper for long hours that’s rounded off with a frustrated sigh and a blank sheet, those are normal people. No,  that’s wrong, normal people are able to write when they set out to the task, the people with with the blank sheet,  I think are just weird. Now you’re probably thinking “But you’re one of them!” I hate to brake this to you but you’re wrong, you see… me! – I’m a different kind of weird.
Unlike most people thinking about what to write, that’s the easy part, it’s the writing that’s the task. It’s like this, I wake up most mornings with a seemingly bright idea of what I’m going to write,  I get excited about it l, turn it over in my head a couple of times until I finally think that it’ll be awesome, but somehow I go to bed at night – without writing anything – telling myself stuffs like – it wasn’t good enough! Or,  nobody wants to read about stuffs like that! Or, that’s not what the blog is about! Or, it’s just too personal – how I came to know exactly what people want to read, or became a judge of ‘what’s good enough’, is a mystery even I can’t comprehend. And then, what’s a personal lifestyle blog if it can’t get a little personal, hun? Somebody please ask me.
I know, I know, I’ve got a problem – I think that that is what it is, and I’m acting as though I have the solution but I don’t have it, not just yet anyway because you see the cycle keeps going on and on and I can tell you that this came out better the first two times I thought about it, but this here is what I’ve got and it’ll have to do. I wish that I could say that this is my first break-through but I’ll hate to say it and it ends up not being it, but then again not saying it is being a pessimist – it’s almost like saying I’m really sick but I don’t know if I want to get better! So I’m just going to say that it is what it is.
I could really use your help over-coming this psychological obstacle. Help save the meek chic.

Peace be with you…



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9 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. I feel your pain. But I’m terrible at showing it other than by suggesting solutions. I’m sure you already know what I’m about to say, but research proves that the more you’re exposed to something, the more you’ll remember it and believe it. So here it comes:

    I’ve just overcome mine. You might or might not have read about it in my post “Thanksgiving Day” (sounds “Christian”, but in my case it’s not; no religious reference whatsoever in case it would have been a problem).

    Your case looks like mine: performance anxiety. I don’t have a miraculous solution. How I overcame it is simple yet not all that easy: when I’m in front of a blank page and I’m afraid to write, I repeat to myself that if it ends up really lame, I can just delete it afterward. I won’t have lost my time: I will have been working hard on overcoming my anxiety.

    I also need to repeat myself that I’m not writing a masterpiece. I’m still learning. I’ll be learning my whole life. I’m almost certain that Stephen King and J.K. Rowling are still learning, too. So I’ve lowered my expectations. Learners don’t have to get it perfectly.

    There is a Japanese saying going like this: Even monkeys fall from trees. It means everybody make mistakes, even experts. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

    I hope you overcome your writer’s block. It might take time, but it can be done!


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  2. There is nothing wrong with you. No seriously, no flattering here. Writer’s block is normal, and if it’s not named “a block” then it’s probably some kind of break or a hiatus. We are not machines, besides even if we were, we need “fuel” or replenishment to work.
    If you feel enthusiastic about an idea that popped in your head, just write it down. Whatever thought pops up, write it down.
    Honestly, there are some “posts” of mine I’ve fallen in love with, while others “mmeeehhhh” not that much. But it’s ok, it’s normal, it’s human. And that’s what here in the blogosphere we like and appreciate of each other, our human minds and souls ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope I am a bit of a help ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I saw your link in the community pool and followed you to your blog house. I believe that writers’ block happens to all of us at some point or the other. For me, I write a myriad of things at the same time so when one fails momentarily, I start working on another while I wait for my muse to come back home. All the best with breaking the block
    You are welcome to visit my sites (my newest blog baby) and (the older sibling of 18months)
    You can also take a peek at this link below for tips on writing
    Regards and have a good weekend. Jacqueline

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