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People are rejoicing! It is the day of Eid….

Well! Here’s one really late Eid post,  but I guess it’s better late than never, right? Yeah, so… , I’ll just write a little about Eid, and how the day went.

All praise is due to Allah who has made us witness another Eid-ul-Adha, we pray to witness many more in good health and wealth in sha Allah.
Eid is a festive period when Muslims rejoice, enjoy and get together with loved ones, it is a time of sharing – with the poor and needy, even if they don’t ask, and caring,  it is a time to celebrate our Father ‘Ibrahim’ who was able to pass some seemingly insurmountable trials to prove his total submission to Allah, it is a time to reflect that we too will be tried with tests that will sometimes bring us discomfort and pain, and to remember through that pain that Allah who has helped our Father through his trials will surely see us through.
Eid is a time to be happy and to make others happy,  I had a quiet Eid, more like boring, you see I went for the Eid prayer on my own – boring, came back on my own – boring boring, no pictures because I’m shy on my own – boring boring boring, spent the day indoor, watched a movie – not quite boring,  slept – was glad to, and ate, I bet you’re thinking ‘how can anyone spend Eid alone?” Well that’s what you get for celebrating Eid in Lagos while everyone else has gone off to their village. But, Considering the fact that my not wanting to go anywhere was the only reason I spent Eid ‘alone’, I guess you can call me boring. Regardless, I still think my Eid was great, I wore the best outfit ever! And technically I wasn’t alone,  I was with Mum, and I did meet some friends at the praying ground, so yeah, Eid was great.
How was your Eid? Tell me about it in a comment.

Peace be with you…

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