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Rain to Rain

In the middle of my recently busy schedule I had to make time to write this, there’s no way I’m letting this slide, it was so frustrating, so annoying and so… Well this morning, in my haste to get to school on time I made a wrong stop, one that was expensive in more ways than one, well here’s what I mean; naturally it’s usually sunny in the mornings and buses never come on time, at least not to the bus stop close to my house so today I thought “I’m not going to spend an hour in the sun waiting for a bus” so instead of stopping there I had the bike take me to the next stop (wrong choice) it took passing by my stop and noticing available buses to decide that but I also thought “there are buses here, so there’ll be buses there too”, well well, you’re about to find out just how wrong I was. When I got to the next stop, there were no buses, instead there were lots of people awaiting a bus which could only mean one thing “whatever bus came would charge a higher price”. I was optimistic that sooner or later a bus with the right price would drive in and so I just let the first bus go, not that I could have gotten on it if I tried, because like I mentioned earlier there were lots of people waiting for the bus and no, there is no ordered queue, but the thing is that I didn’t even make an attempt to get on the bus. oh I forgot to mention that it wasn’t a usual sunny morning, it was rather cool, now I don’t mean just cool cool, I mean rain cool, it was that realization that made me hop into the next available bus, I’m better off in an over priced bus than in the rain, that’s what I thought but little did I know that I was going from rain to rain. When I got on the bus I was seated in the middle, having people on both sides and so when the rain started heavily I thought “lucky me, no matter what happens I’m shielded”  that sounds selfish, doesn’t it? (whatever, who cares), well someone apparently did because not too long after the rain started the people sitting beside me by the window got off and so yeah, I had to move, yes! Yes! To the window side, and oh wait, I left out the most important point, there was no glass on the window (hahaha, rain to rain I said), the bus conductor tried to salvage the situation by getting a nylon bag which was by the way too small and the tape didn’t hold because of the water, so yeah it was really raining in the bus. The people I pitied the most were the women carrying little kids by the window just behind me.
Okay, I know you must be imagining exactly what went down, and you’re probably thinking that sitting by the window serves me right for my selfish thoughts, well you can crush those imaginations now, because somehow I didn’t get wet 😛, the two seats behind me were more affected by the open window than I was, all the inconvenience I had to suffer was holding the nylon that didn’t stay put, not that I would have gotten wet if I hadn’t, I think it had something to do with the direction of the rain.
Now you’re thinking “what was the fuss all about if you didn’t even get wet?” well, forgive me for fussing I didn’t mean to, not that I didn’t enjoy it but I wrote this because I thought that our situation was rather pathetic, starting with the driver and conductor of the bus who go an ranting about how the government was bad, the road was bad, fuel was too expensive and despite that they overpriced the fare simply because there were available passengers but couldn’t afford to fix a broken window in rainy season. And there’s the passengers who boarded the bus despite the awful conditions, joining in on the conversation about the bad government, laughing like they had no worries “suffering and smiling” and then there’s me, who made time to write this despite that I have upcoming exams and I’m late by the way.
Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, the bike I was on had a flat tire in the rain. Yeah, yeah, I got a piece of the rain, and it was cool.



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