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Migration to Abyssinia |#WhoIsMohammad PBUH

The Hidden Prestige

The series of persecution started in the late period of the fourth year of Prophet-hood and continued steadily and began increasing day by day and month by month. This was when the Prophet instructed his followers to migrate to Abbyssinia (Ethiopia) which was ruled by a fair ruler. 
On Rajab in the fifth year of Prophet-hood,  a group of 12 men and five women migrated to Madinah. Among them was Uthman bin Affan and his wife Ruqayya (the daughter of the Prophet). The news of their migration reached the Quraysh and they tried to trace their tracks,  but in vain,  they had already left the shore and reached their safe haven where they were received warmly.
During Ramadan of the same year,  the Prophet went to the Holy Sanctuary where there was a group of the notables of Quraysh and began reciting Surah AlNajm. The Quraysh when the came into direct contacts with…

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