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Open Preaching and Reaction of the Quraysh| #WhoIsMuhammad?

What do you know about about Muhammad?, find out more in the #WhoisMuhammad series. Have a good read

The Hidden Prestige

Allahuma-Sali-ala-sayidna-Muhammad-was-salimAfter receiving the divine revelation, the Prophet [Peace be upon him] started to preach the message of Islam to his close family and friends. Khadijah, Abu Bakr, Ali, Zaid [May Allah be pleased with them all] were amongst the first ones to embrace Islam.


The Prophet [Peace be upon him] continued to preach secretly for 3 years until Allah commanded him to spread the message of truth openly and publicly.

Allah says: [وأنذر عشيرتك الأقربين]

And warn (O Muhammed) your nearest kindred. [26:214]

One day the Prophet (ﷺ) ascended Safa mountain and said, “Oh Sabah! ” All the Quraish gathered round him and said, “What is the matter?” He said, Look, if I told you that an enemy is going to attack you in the morning or in the evening, would you not believe me?” They said, “Yes, we will believe you.” He said, “I am…

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