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Lineage and Early Days | #WhoIsMuhammad PBUH

It’s day two, part two of the #WhoisMuhammad series, do have a good read…

The Hidden Prestige




The prophet peace be upon him belonged to the Hashemite family, named after his great grandfather Hashim Bin Abd Manaf. Banu Hashim was responsible for giving food and water to the pilgrims. The responsibility of feeding the pilgrims was passed on to the prophet’s grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. He is famous for restoring the well of Zamzam from which thousands of pilgrims drank. This became a tradition and to this day millions of pilgrims enjoy its fresh water. The Prophet’s father Abdullah was the smartest and most loved son of Abdul Muttalib. He was married to Aminah, daughter of a prominent chief of Banu Zahra. Abdullah died while he was returning from a trade journey from Syria in Madinah at the age of 25.

The Prophet peace be upon him was born on the 9th of Rabi ul Awwal in the year of Elephant…

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