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Loving Mum

Have you ever wondered how a person can go from being totally healthy to insanely sick?
Well sometimes you never see it coming, and when it comes it hits you hard, other times, you’re expecting it yet when it hits you, it’s like you’ve never felt anything like that before. We should all give thanks for forgetfulness, it’s the only reason why we can move on, the moment ease comes, you don’t even remember what the pain felt like, you’re just so grateful that it’s over.

What I’m most grateful for is my mum, thinking about how much trouble I caused her yesterday despite my being, I wonder how much more she’d have endured when I was little.
Like I mentioned earlier about forgetfulness, most people don’t remember what it was like to be young, and vulnerable, and dependent absolutely unable to do anything. What they remember are the things that they’d have loved that they didn’t get and the endless rules of don’ts that they had, but let’s take a moment to remember from the mother’s perspective, holding you when you couldn’t walk, understanding you when you couldn’t talk, staying up all night while you slept, worrying sick over your every single tear, making rules so you don’t do things that’ll hurt you when she’s not there, living her life as though it were just to please you. If you still don’t understand then please take a look at a child, and see how it is being cared for, then look at another kid who doesn’t have a mother and I’m sure that you’ll be grateful you had yours.

So I’m taking this time out to say thanks to my Mum and all the loving mums out there, I love you…

Peace be with you…



A muslimah blogger who loves talking about #Islam, and life as I see it, I'm just me!!! cos that's all I need to be #awesome. I believe in God and I believe in me. team #da'awah

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