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Does Living equals being Alive

You might have heard of the notion that says “to live doesn’t mean you’re alive” the idea fascinates me but I don’t quite agree.
My disagreement doesn’t mean that I’m saying it’s enough to just be alive (that is: have life in you)
With no dreams, no ambitions, and no goals
With no action, no love, and no fun
Each day passing exactly like the other
With no risks, no future and no hope
Without really living more like life is living you
The way I see it, it’s not enough to just be alive, because you need to live to actually be alive.

So to me living, and I mean actually Living does signify that you’re alive. So please do live, hope and love

Peace be with you…



A muslimah blogger who loves talking about #Islam, and life as I see it, I'm just me!!! cos that's all I need to be #awesome. I believe in God and I believe in me. team #da'awah

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