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Are Problems Real?

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I’m sitting here, worrying myself, trying to answer a question that I have no business asking (because it doesn’t really matter), actually the fact that I’m so engrossed, trying to answer it begs the question – Are Problems Real? To answer this question I’ve come up with 3 theories or hypothesis or whatever the English people call it (it doesn’t matter because I’m calling it theories anyway).

# Theory 1
There’s no such thing as problems, except of course for those things that we create in our minds, – like a barrier mostly between us and the stuff we want, created out of fear, or lack of self esteem or something like that – which makes our lives difficult, sometimes almost unbearable but the truth is that the problem isn’t really there. A great example is that of a bogeyman. I know you must have figured that although this theory is reasonable, it isn’t always true, this is why I’m helping it out with a second theory.


# Theory 2
Problems are results of our actions or inaction, you find yourself thinking – if only I had done this, or not done that, I wouldn’t be in this mess- it could be as a result of our human nature, wickedness, kindness, strength, weakness, bravery or cowardice, one way or the other we’re the root of our problems.
As real as this also sounds, you would agree with me that this isn’t always the case, which brings me to the 3rd theory.


# Theory 3
Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, or how good we’ve been, bad things just happen, this is the part that we call fate. This time, it’s out of our control (not that it ever was) nothing we could have done or not done to avoid it.
I know that a lot of people will agree with this last theory more than the others but if we’ll be truthful, then we have to admit that all three are true depending on the situation at hand.


At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that it was unnecessary to answer this question “are Problems Real”, I still think that it is not necessary because in the end it doesn’t matter what problems are or why we get them, the only thing that’s important is what comes after – how we handle them.
– It doesn’t matter if you think that your bogeyman is real or not, what matters is if you let the thought of it stop you from sleeping at night or not.
– It doesn’t matter whether a problem was your fault, or if you could have prevented it, what matters is whether you wallow in self pity or you find a solution to the problem.
– It really doesn’t matter that you couldn’t do anything to save the one you loved, what matters is whether you let your life end with theirs, or you pull your self together and move on.


So if someone was to stop me on the way and say “Hi, what do you think, Are Problems Real?” my simple response would have been “it doesn’t matter, just move on”

Peace be with you…



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