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Hair on Fire

So I’m here, in the kitchen. Yeah, I know, I’m here a lot, and I’m not even married yet, parents call it practice but I call it…. Wait! Wait! Focus, that’s not the point here.
Okay so, I’m in the kitchen, really concentrating on this little bowl that I’m trying to make, I’m bending a little too low I realize but I can’t help it, I need the extra bend because my mind’s not here.  It’s busy nagging about how I’ve been neglecting my blog, how lousy a writer I’m, and the list goes on and on, and oh! The bowl has to be perfect so never mind the bend. (I keep saying the bowl because it’s a local food here, and I’m not sure you guys would know what it is, anyway it’s called Eba), and also really close to my bent head is the gas cooker, still on by the way, boiling water to make another version of what I’m already making, gotta please everyone when you’re the cook – if you know what I mean…
Oh! No… I’ve done it again, okay let’s get back on track, where was I? Oh yes! My head was bent, and I was giving the bowl my best (considering my lack of focus) and then, what is that smell? Like something burning, oh oh! But what could it be, I’m only boiling water remember? Anyway so I was thinking it doesn’t matter, I’m almost done here anyway, and then I thought seriously? It would take you what? 5sec to check? So I raised my head (thank God) and I’m like OMG Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! That’s me screaming! My hair’s on fire! Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! Still screaming! My little hair’s on fire, I know it’s probably not a very bad thing because I wanted to cut it, going natural and all but mum insisted on transitioning so this is probably Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! I really love my hair! And it’s oh! Wait! The Fire is out. Got you worried there didn’t I? Lol!

So, there wasn’t really a ‘fire’ I mean it did burn a little, enough to smell but nothing big enough to scream about, so no I didn’t scream and yes, I’m alright! A little crazy maybe, but alright (you probably figured that out already since I’m writing this), thanks for worrying.

I think I  better Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! Stop Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! Right here Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! Before it gets any crazier Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh! It’s kinda fun screaming right? I think I need something to scream about, just the thought makes me feel better, em okay, I’m stopping, really stopping this time, no more.. Oh there I go again… #Okbye

Peace be with you…



A muslimah blogger who loves talking about #Islam, and life as I see it, I'm just me!!! cos that's all I need to be #awesome. I believe in God and I believe in me. team #da'awah

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