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And So It Begins.


It’s been two days since Paris was once again so brutally attacked and unfortunately once again innocent civilians suffered. At least 128 people were killed in one night after gunmen reported to be members of ISIS erupted into the Bataclan concert hall, people were also shot dead at restaurants and bars along site. Paris was wounded by a similar attack in early January when ISIS members murdered 18 people working for the magazine Charlie Hebdo. It’s been a dreadful weekend for Parisians and a massive alert for European governments. The attacks have once again caused rage, anger and bitterness amongst the public. The newspapers are bombarded with words such as “Islam”, “Islamist”, “Terrorist” “Qur’an”, “Refugees” and “Muslims”. All of these words which have been linked to this cold blooded massacre all cause implications for moderate Muslims living in Europe. The Daily Mail published an article where author Michael Burleigh discusses…

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