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Have you seen a Volkswagen Santana, or a Mercedes Benz V boot, or a 505 Evolution, drive past you recently? Let me guess what your thoughts were “this thing should be taken to the junk yard, dismantled and sold in parts” right?
How about someone using an old phone that does nothing but make and receive calls? you’d probably ask what planet they’re from.

Have you ever walked into a cafe using an old model computer? you’d probably walk right back out because the system will be so slow that it’ll bore you to death.
Let’s get this a little personal, can you imagine yourself in a designer gown from 5 years ago, hmm.. No way! Right?
But how did these things become so detestable when at the time of their purchase they had cost a fortune? The answer is very simple – they have gone out of fashion and are outdated, simply put –  they’ve lost their reign.

Now imagine everything that’s latest, phones, laptops, clothes, hairstyles, you name it, anything that you might be willing to die for … Imagine them in about a year or two and you know that they’ll be in exactly the same position as all that I mentioned earlier, this begs the question: why all the trouble? You won’t believe to what length people are willing to go just to get the latest stuff (I bet you would), kids steal, tell lies, adults gamble, betray, even kill – and to what end, to get something you’re going to be too ashamed to use in a year or two? It’s all vanity.

I  know that sometimes it’s important to have some things, we feel terrible when we can’t get them, and I’m not asking you not to want them, or not to try your best to get them, I’m just saying that you should try legal ways because nothing, absolutely nothing is worth going to jail for, talk less of hell.

Everything in this world has an expiry date including the humans, in a few years time (it might seem like a long time) your kids are going to be telling you that you’re old fashioned (and that’s even if you live long enough) so lead a good life, get the good things of life that you can afford and just let go of the ones that you can’t. Believe that there’s nothing that you can’t achieve, all you need is a little patience and perseverance.

In the end, it won’t matter if you drove the reigning cars or if you used the latest phones or not, all that’ll matter is what’s in your heart (good or evil). Do good, be good and remember that there’s nothing worth going to hell for!

Peace be with you



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