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If Today was your Last Day!

There’s this song I must have heard like ages ago, I have no idea who sang it or what he sang in it, except for this one line that keeps ringing in my head, so I’ve decided to write about it.

What would you do ‘if Today was your Last Day, and tomorrow was too late?
First, what I won’t do is the things that I’ve been putting off, I mean – if I’ve been putting it off till later, then it’s not that important, I absolutely wouldn’t want to spend the last moments of my life doing stuff like – going to places that I’ve always wanted to visit or eating something that I’ve always wanted to try, no way! What good would that do? It’ll be a total waste of precious limited time.

So here’s what I’d do if Today was my Last day

The very first thing to do is to seek forgiveness, first from God, for all of my sins and then from everyone else, if we’ve met, chances are that I said or did something that you didn’t like, so I would ask for forgiveness. I wouldn’t want to go if there’s someone to think – ‘thank God she’s gone’. And oh! I’d forgive everyone too… ☺

During the course of the day, if I happen to offend someone, I won’t postpone my apology till later, I’d apologize immediately, say I’m sorry and won’t let my ego get in the way. Also if someone were to wrong me, I’d let them so, so that they can apologize and I won’t hold any grudge, I think that way, I’ll have a lighter heart.

I’d take extra care of my parents, do whatever they as of me, in time and without complaining. I’d try my best to make them happy, I’d apologize when I’m being silly and say that I love them. I’d be happy if they’re pleased with me.

Solah (Prayer)
I’d say my solah on time, not one minute late, I’d pray nawafil, do my adhkar, without any haste or hurry, and with hope that the last minute will be during one of the sajdah, when I’m closet to my creator. I wouldn’t risk going with one prayer debt on my account.

Sadaqah (Charity)
I’d give a lot out in charity, try to make as many people happy as I could, feed an hungry person, say something nice to a sad person, be nice to an orphan, actually I’d be nice to everyone, I’d smile a lot – not because I’d be happy but because it is charity.

I’d read the Qur’an, not just when I had the time, or just the Arabic text but I’d make time to read and understand it, ponder on it, so that I may be saved.

I’d carry out my duties and responsibilities without delay, settle my debts, do the things that I enjoy, the things that matter and I’d just be a good person.

Last day or not, I’m taking this opportunity to apologize to everyone for whatever I might have done wrong, I’m truly and sincerely sorry. Know that I’ve forgiven you too:)

No one knows what day would be their last, so I guess it’s reasonable to live everyday like the last. Think about what it is that you’d do if Today was your Last Day, write it down and just do it every day!

Peace be with you…



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