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An Open Letter to Me

Dear Me
Whoever invented the word “awesome”  must have been thinking about you because you’re the perfect definition of awesome, you aren’t perfect  – nothing could be farther from perfect  –  you’re a mess (most of the time), you have a lot of flaws and shortcomings but you sure are the best there is and this is because there’s only one ‘you’.

I’m writing you this because of the fact that no one is smart enough to remember all he knows, so read this – whenever you feel down or need motivation – to remind yourself that you’ve got greatness in you

You have to always put your complete and absolute trust in God, he made you, he knows you and he’ll never let anything harm you, but if something does harm you know that he has a perfect plan, all you need to do is to be patient with him and he’ll take care of you.


Looking at the world as it is you might get the feeling that you need to compete for everything, but my dear girl I’ll like you to know that there’s no competition in destiny, so run your race and things will fall into place in due time.

Show gratitude for the things that you have, because no matter how little you think you have there are people who are happy with much less,  although looking straight ahead might motivate you,  looking back at the people below you will keep you focused and grateful.

Don’t delude yourself by thinking that you deserve something more than you get, if you want more then you have to do more, give out your best and you won’t get anything less.

I will like you to know that nothing you have is truly yours, no matter how hard you worked for it, there was a time that you didn’t have it and like it or not there’ll be a time when you won’t have it anymore – if it doesn’t leave you then you’ll leave it.  So focus on things that matter, give out of the things that you love, in the end all that’ll matter is what you did with it while you had it.

Happiness or sadness is only a state of mind, which ever state you’re in let it be because that’s what you want to be, remember that there’s only one person in the world who won’t let you down and that person is ‘you’,  don’t rely on anyone, don’t expect too much of anyone, you aren’t anybody’s responsibility, so be your own person.

You can achieve anything that you want to, don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t, don’t  allow people’s behavior to destroy your inner peace, you don’t have to do what anyone does, you don’t have to be what anyone expects you to be, all you have to be, all you need to be is yourself.


You have all it takes to be the best, so don’t ever settle for less.  I believe that there is greatness in you.


Peace be with you



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