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I had a wonderful time yesterday
It was fun because I got to spend time with my friends, enlightening because I  learned something new and fascinating because I visited a very beautiful place.

I wrote a lovely exam today (entrance examination to a school of postgraduate studies) at least I thought it was lovely, but the results will tell, anyway my point is that I had the exam in this school, and I think the school is cool, the environment was welcoming – really beautiful, I met with a lot of friends and colleagues (who also came for the same exam) and after it was all over I ended my tour at the school mosque (the beautiful place that I mentioned) – it was magnificent (compared to my former school), I didn’t even think that it could be the mosque when I saw it (call me a bush girl but it’s definitely not the typical mosque structure that I’m used to), it even had a fountain (can you believe that? You probably can but like I said – “bush girl”).

Then and there I started daydreaming about how cool it’ll be to school there, how nice it’ll feel to be back in a Muslim community (God knows that I have missed that), I had a lot planned out for when I got in but then I remembered- my department is not on the main campus (oh damn, what a shame).

That must have twigged something in my head because I suddenly remembered that it wasn’t my first time at the school and as such not my first impression of it, I remember it being during my second year in school (undergraduate), I had applied to study medicine here at my parents beckoning, (although I had already fallen in love with biochemistry and my current school) I remember my first thought when I stepped through the school gate was – “it’s so choked” – all the tall buildings were stalked together, no breathing space, everything was just wrong with it and I couldn’t imagine myself schooling there…

You’re not confused, it’s still the same school, the same one that I now think is cool and welcoming, so what changed – did they bring down the tall buildings?
No! They didn’t, it turned out that there was nothing wrong with the school to begin with, the only thing that has changed is my perspective.

Our perspectives shape our everyday life, it determines our take on issues, the decisions we make, how we handle challenges, how we view others, their lives and funny enough it changes with our lives. The trend is Life changes => affects perspective => affects decision => changes life.

What am I getting at?

Changes in our lives affect our perspective and vice versa, am suggesting a third option where we change our perspective which in turn changes our lives positively rather than leaving the change in our perspective to chance. What I mean is “if you don’t like something, you change it and if you can’t change it just change the way you think about it”
Let’s all develop a positive attitude, there’s nothing impossible and there’s no problem too difficult to solve, you just need to adjust the view, look from another dimension, change your perspective and am certain that you’ll find a way (by his grace)

Do have a great day

Peace be with you…



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