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I’m glad I learned

Happy independence Nigerians, God bless Nigeria


These are some of the things that I’m glad I learned in life so far

I’m glad I learned… To always put God first
Putting God first is something we hear all the time, it’s a common advice, very easy to give but quite as easy to follow. It’s easy to pray, it’s easy to say I believe in God, it’s also very easy to think we put our trust in God when we don’t have any issues, it’s quite easy to understand that everything happens for a reason. What isn’t easy is – waiting for the reason to come along, or God being the first you think of when you’re the happiest, or understanding that whatever harm that befalls you was by his leave, or thanking him even when he has taken what is most precious to you, knowing with certainty that no matter what happens He’s got your back, it sure isn’t very easy to remember that you’re nothing without Him especially when you’re doing so well.
This is one lesson I learned the easy way, my parents managed to imbibe it in me (thank God), and so I know that I don’t have to worry about a thing because if it’s meant to be, it surely will be and I try to always remember that God has got me covered.

I’m glad I learned… That family is everything
Family is a child’s first encounter with the world, the kind of family determines the the kind person a child will become, it is a child’s first school, it is the only place in the world you know you’re always welcome and no matter how estranged family is you can be sure they’d always have your back. Family is where you can always be yourself because family is not judgemental.
So your family is not all of these things, big deal! Have you ever heard of a perfect family? There’s nothing perfect anywhere you just need to appreciate what you have because they’ve gotten you this far despite all the prettiness and ugliness, trust me you won’t ever find any place better on earth except of course if it is family.
I’m glad I learned to appreciate my family, they are my everything.

I’m glad I learned… That what is what doing at all is worth doing well
Growing up, this is one sentence I couldn’t have heard enough of, and guess who always said it…. Yeah… My Dad. Sometimes when he says it, it’s a welcome reminder but most times I’d be like OMG, I know, you said it a million times before (but of course I never said this). Now I’m just really glad he taught it to me, now because I know that whatever is worth my time deserves all of my attention, I only do things that I need to do because there’s no half way, I’m either doing it or I’m not, you can be sure that if I’m doing it then I’m putting in my best, it keeps me focused and dedicated.

I’m glad I learned… Not to compromise my principles
Not compromising on principles (especially religious principles) is a conclusion I came to after I studied the effect of a tiny little compromise on principles.
Have you ever wondered how come you’ve started doing something you were so sure you would never do? most times it all begins with a little compromise, let me explain. Let’s say you have a principle – not going out with a hijab smaller than your usual for example, and then one day you had to go out urgently and you washed all your hijabs, your only option is the smaller one (compromise) it’s just this once you tell yourself, that day you’ll most likely be uncomfortable,but the next time something like that happens (you need to get something down the street, it’s just down the street who’s going to see me) you’ll feel a less discomfort because something that was once unthinkable had become tolerable. Before you know it you’re wearing it to parties telling yourself it’s only on occasions, gradually what is tolerable becomes acceptable and you end up forgetting why you decided never to wear a smaller hijab in the first place.
I’m glad I learned that’s what happens when I compromise, it helps me make certain that I know exactly what am getting into before I get into it.

I’m glad I learned… To always expect little from people
The more you expect from people the more your chances are at a heartbreak, this is because people have a way of letting you down. Some people are reliable but most people aren’t but it is difficult (near impossible) to determine who is and who isn’t without putting your heart on the line. When you expect little from people, if they turn up you’ll be glad and if they don’t you won’t be too disappointed because you didn’t expect too much of them. But of course it’s not easy to expect little especially when you’re giving a lot so I guess you’re going to have to put your heart on the line for some people.

I haven’t been around a long time, but I’m sure glad I learned these things that makes my life easier and I’m grateful to everyone who taught me



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