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The Greatest Woman

Eid mubarak – taqaballahu minna wa minkum (May Allah accept it from me and from you).

Happy eid to all muslimahs, I do hope we are having a beautiful day, while we are at it, here’s a little something to ponder on.

I was going to share some notes on eid, its etiquette and stuff, but then I changed my mind because of this…

I had a little trouble sleeping last night, so I decided to listen to audios on my phone while I read when I happened upon this piece (I had no idea it was there, till I heard it last night), it was so beautiful I couldn’t resist the urge to share it.

It’s a poem, about females and their wrongly defined beauty, the society and its adverse effect on teen’s self-esteem, if only females knew their worth then maybe they’ll ignore the standard of success defined by society and work towards being successful in the sight of their maker.

I hope this helps…..

Talk Islam – The Greatest Woman – Spoken word >

You know…

Something must be wrong when almost every single song has sex as its basis

When rap stars get famous after making lyrics that are shameless

When a woman is expected to sleep with a man who doesn’t even know what her name is

And when artists are paid to degrade the very woman

That have made them

To the point they are nothing more than pieces of plastic

That we can dispose of once they are no longer attractive…

It’s sickening and sadistic that this world’s become so misogynistic

And you can call me unrealistic but just listen to the statistics

7 in 10 men view porn while over 75 million are addicted

68 million requests a day for pornographic pictures

Making 1 in 4 searches sexually related

It’s like nobody even knew she existed until she got naked

Degraded and abused over and over again just to gain millions of views

It’s a shame we’ve subdued to a definition of beauty which is so misconstrued

As we judge each other’s looks off of Facebook Likes

Instagram Pictures to filter off what we really look like

See we are so obsessed with our outside we have slowly lost sight of who we really are in real life

I mean it’s sad to see so many teens lose their self-esteem

Looking at these magazines thinking they have to look like what they see

Please you are worth much more than a 2D image on a screen

You are a living breathing human being

If only you knew what you really mean

Just look into your history books and begin to read of all the girls in the world who were capable to achieve and you will surely see with certainty

Females like Fatima Al Fihri, who opened the first ever University

Rufayda Al Aslamiya, the first nurse to perform Surgery

And Aisha bint Abi Bakr (radiAllahu ‘anha), the greatest female scholar in eternity

It’s a shame you probably haven’t even heard of these Great female prodigies

Honestly, we don’t have to give up our modesty in order to be successful

For you are worth much more than a commodity that is sexual

You have so much more potential

If only you knew your worth

You could be like the greatest of all women to have walked this Earth

Like Mary (Maryam radiAllahu ‘anha),

The mother of Jesus (Isa alaihi salat wasallam)

Chosen bk2y Allah to be an example for the believers

A woman who stood strong even when she was abused

Falsely accused and ridiculed for things she would never ever do

So it didn’t really matter when there was nobody else beside her

For she knew that God was Al Razaq and her ultimate provider

And she had her trust in Him Alone

Just like Asiya (radiAllahu ‘anha), the wife of Pharoah (Fir’aun)

A woman who was brave and courageous

Stood up for what was right and didn’t let anybody change this

A woman who was fearless

And laughed in the face of death…

For she gave up the riches of this life

For a palace in the next

Next up Khadija bint Khuwaylid (radiAllahu ‘anha), the mother of the believers

A wealthy merchant who had nurtured the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam for over 25 years

His first wife, the love of his life and the Mother of his kids

She was the first to believe in him when nobody else ever did

She just is…

Beyond any words that can make you understand

So much so that even Allah sent her His Salam, she was grand and Allah assured her

Just like her daughter

Fatima bint Muhammad (radiAllahu ‘anha), the Master of all women in Paradise

A woman who would shine so bright she was nicknamed Al Zahraa

The Splendid One with the most generous of hearts

A woman who gave up so much of her food

She had no choice but to fast

She would fight on behalf of her father even as a little girl

And such are the examples of the greatest women in the entire world

And it had nothing to do with how they looked

But for who they truly were

So ignore the standard of success defined by society

When God has said that the best of mankind are those who have piety

Regardless of your shape, your color or your race

For God does not look at your bodies, nor does he does look at your face rather He looks towards your Heart and checks your faith

So at the end of day it doesn’t matter what the people say or who they think you are

When you could be like the greatest of all women

In the eyes…

Of Allah

The Greatest Woman

Talk Islam – The Greatest Woman – Spoken Word – YT Video Description

This video is just as much as it is for the men as it is for the women.

The greatest women of all time are not only the best of examples for women to follow – but they are also the best of examples for men to realise the value and importance of a woman.

Watch the video on youtube.

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