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Hello! Welcome

Thank you for visiting the meek chic, the latest muslimah lifestyle blog on the block.

Our posts

The meek chic will feature posts on Faith – Islamic posts, Quranic verses, Hadith and sunnah, becoming better muslimah, etcetera, – Family – tying and maintaining the knot – and Fashion – modest fashion, Fashion updates, personal style, tips and tricks – and will be updated daily by God’s grace. 

About you

The meek chic is for all muslimah so feel free to express yourself in a comment, like and share our posts, follow us and su

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Posting commences

The meek chic will officially start blogging on the day of Eid (24th of September, 2015), till then, I say peace be unto you.



A muslimah blogger who loves talking about #Islam, and life as I see it, I'm just me!!! cos that's all I need to be #awesome. I believe in God and I believe in me. team #da'awah

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