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As people, wherever we go we tend to leave impressions, it could be good or it could be bad, and most of the time we have no idea which ones will last forever while we’re at it until it is done, but mostly we never know just how much effect our actions had, and more importantly that we’ve left a mark that’ll last forever more, we just never know. 

My post today isn’t about being careful to leave a good mark – no, you should be able to decide that on your own without my saying it, rather it’s about the only fault of man – forgetfulness. We can swear in our heart that we’ll never forget, that’ll we’ll never let go of a treasured memory or a pleasant feeling but eventually we do forget, sadly so. 

I’m having one of those moments when  I’ve been touched where I never want to forget and I’m using this as a medicine for forgetfulness – I’m craving the moment in stone. 

So what is it that has gotten me in such mood which by now I’m sure you are yet decide if it’s good or bad -you must be wondering!  I won’t be so cruel as to leave you to your imaginations, as a matter of fact I’ll just get right to it.  The matter at hand is naught but a comment that has touched my heart at a very soft spot, I know or maybe I like to think that there might be a  lot of people who appreciate my writing but I seldom get a compliment from the people I know -my blogger friends have been ever faithful in that regard – and I must say that I can’t describe the feeling when I finally get a good one, actually I think it’ll belittle the feeling to put a tag on it, I’m not one who is big on complements I do very well without them thank you but I’m only human and I can’t help but be touched when someone who knows me goes out of their way and say something nice to me, especially about my writing. 

This person isn’t very close to me, it’s actually been quite a while since I’ve seen her, but if ever I made something of this writing of mine I would love to remember her, I’ll love to remember this moment, this very feeling, so I stayed up to write about it for I fear I might think the matter too vain to publish by morning. 

Haha! Don’t go thinking I will sign out before telling you what she said, that wouldn’t be nice – I think, I made a screenshot of it. Yeah I loved it that much! 

There there, that’s it, it was as simple as that it brought with it sweet memories of another who made a mark in the same regard and I’ll be unfair to not mention my dear friend, colleague and fellow blogger Benjamin of Benjamin Writes, I must say that he helped awakened the writer in me, I remember him telling me that I have a seamless sense of humor that’ll make for good writing, he’s one of the few people who never seem to tire of hearing me ramble, I know you might consider yourself one as well but you must know that there is plain difference between reading my ramblings and hearing me ramble -you got the better deal if you only get to read, I believe he’ll agree with me on this, but even then I don’t think that he’s ever told me that I talked too much – I’ve been told so many times that I now know it too well- and know that he’s said a number of unpleasant things to me, he may not know it but I appreciate his listening ears and he’s ever a dear friend to me. 

 I suppose I should also say thanks to every other person who reads my blog, it’ll just have to do that you read it though a comment will go a long way and oh did you ever come across “sharing is caring”? Yeah, it means caring about me too, so show some love, leave good marks, like posts that you like, comment on ones that deserve it and just share. 
Okay this is becoming down right cheesy, I’d just turned the whole thing to a promotion, but then again if I can’t promote my blog on my blog  who will? 
Peace be with you…

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Forgotten Sunnah: Keeping a sutrah (barrier) before ourselves during prayer 
The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to say “Do not pray except towards a sutrah, and do not let anyone pass in front of you, but if someone continues (to try to pass) then fight him, for he has a companion (i.e. a shaytaan) with him” (Ibn Khuzaimah in his Saheeh (1/93/1) with a sound isnaad. Sh.Albaani)

Prophet (peace be upon him) would also say: “When one of you prays towards a sutrah, he should get close to it so that Shaytaan cannot break his prayer.” (Abu Daawood, Bazzaar (p. 54 – Zawaaid) Haakim, who declared it saheeh and Dhahabi and Nawawi agreed. Sh. Albaani)

Sometimes “Prophet (peace be upon him) would seek to pray at the pillar which was in his mosque.” (Bukhaari. )

The sutrah is a must for the Imaam or a person praying alone, even in a large mosque. Ibn Haani said in his Masaa’il from Imaam Ahmad (1/66): “Abu `Abdullaah (i.e. Imaam Ahmad ibn Hanbal) saw me one day when I was praying without a sutrah in front of me, and I was in a (large) congregational mosque, so he said to me: `Take something as a sutrah’, so I took a man as a sutrah.” This contains an indication that Imaam Ahmad did not differentiate between big or small mosques in taking a sutrah – and that is surely correct, but this is something neglected by most people, including imaams of mosques, in every land that I have visited, including Arabia which I was able to tour in Rajab of this year (1410), so the `ulamaa should tell the people and advise them of this, explaining its ruling and that it is also required in the Two Sacred Mosques. Sh. Albaani

“When Prophet (peace be upon him) prayed [in an open space where there was nothing to use as sutrah] he (peace be upon him) would plant a spear in the ground in front of him and pray towards it with the people behind him”

(Bukhaari, Muslim & Ibn Maajah)

Importance of the Sutrah from the Salaaf ::

Ibn Abee Shaybah reports in his Musannaf (1/279): Wakee’ related to us: from Hishaaam ibn Abee al-Ghaaz: from Naafi’ who said, “If Ibn ‘Umar could not get to one of the pillars of the mosque he would say to me, ‘Turn your back to me.’ Its chain of narration is Saheeh.

Ibn Abee Shaybah reports (1/279): ‘Abdul-Wahhaab ath-Thaqafee narrated to us: from ‘Ubaydullaah from Naafi’, “That ibn ‘Umar used to make a man sit in front of him, and he would pray behind him, and the people would pass in front of that man.” Its chain of narration is Saheeh.

‘Abdur-Razzaaq reports in his Musannaf (2/26/no. 2346): From Ma’mar: from Aboo Ishaaq (i.e., as-Sabee’ee, a Taabi’ee, died 129H) who said, “Five things are from vulgar behaviour: That a man prays in the mosque with the people walking in front of him; and that he urinates standing; and that the Prayer is established and he is next to the mosque and does not respond; and that he wipes dust from his face whilst he is praying, before the salutation; and that he eats along with other than people of the Religion.” Its chain of narration is Saheeh.

Ibn Abee Shaybah reports in his Musannaf (1/277), ‘Eesaa ibn Yoonus narrated to us; from al-Awzaa’ee: from Yahyaa ibn Abee Katheer who said, “I saw Anas ibn Maalik in al-Masjidul-Haraam and he had erected a rod, and was praying towards it.”. Ibn Sa’d (7/18) reports its like and its narrators are reliable.

‘Abdur-Razzaaq reports in his Musannaf (2/15/no.2304): From Hishaam ibn Hassaan: from Ayyoob: from Muhammad ibn Seereen who said, “‘Umar ibn al-Khattaan saw a man praying without a sutrah, so he sat down in front of him and said, ‘Don’t be hasty in your prayer.’ So when he finished, ‘Umar said to him, ‘When one of you prays, then let him pray towards a Sutrah, and Satan will not be able to come between him and his prayer.'”Its chain of narration is Saheeh except that Ibn Seereen didn’t reach ‘Umar, but Ibn ‘Abdul-Barr states in At-Tamheed (1/30), “Everyone about whom it is known that he did not take except from reliable narrators then his tadlees and irsaal are accepted,” and he mentioned Muhammad ibn Seereen amongst them.

(Abu Daawood, Bazzaar (p. 54 – Zawaaid) & Haakim, who declared it saheeh and Dhahabi and Nawawi agreed. Sh. Albaani)

Source: Forgotten Sunnahs

Revive the Sunnah of using sutrah and please remember to share, May Allah (SAW) make it easy for us and accept it as an act of worship 

Peace be with you…

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Worth more than Gold

Just this morning I had a feel to write about my dad, but I told myself not too, I’m beginning to think that I write about dad too much and there’s little about mum, people might misunderstand, if you know what I mean, so I gave up on the idea… Continue reading “Worth more than Gold”

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Quick update

Hey guys
I hope you aren’t disappointed yet, because I’m not and you shouldn’t be too, I know you think that you have the right to be but it really is just a misunderstanding, believe me Continue reading “Quick update”

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Strange Woman

I’m not who I used to be….
I’m not who I want to be…..
I’m not sure I know who I ever was…
Or who I ever wanted to be…
I know, I know I’m strange like that…
This strange lady looking back at me!
I like her!
I like her a lot!
I like the way she thinks!
I like the things she does!
I like that she likes herself!
I like that she believes in herself!
I like the girl that she was!
I like the lady that she is!
Though I have no idea what she’s going to be!
But what ever it is, I’ll be proud of the woman she becomes!
She’ll be one strange woman!
Of that much I’m sure!

Peace be with you…