A whisper of Peace


Hello everyone, Alhamdulillah (All praise to Allah) it’s another Friday, my personal favorite and best day of the week. I know it’s been a while, wait who am I kidding? It’s been forever and so I’m glad to present to you another episode of Revive a Sunnah _yay¡¡¡ Read more ›

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Drama Queen

Oh my God! Oh my God!! Oh my God!!! I can’t believe that this just happened, and to me?!. How did this ever happen? How was it even possible? Did someone do it on purpose, it had to be otherwise just exactly how did this happen? Martha bellowed as she stormed through the room awakening everyone in her wake, and although everyone shared the same thought only June bothered to ask – “Martha what now?!”
Ignoring the sarcasm in June’s voice Martha continued in as loud a voice as she had started with despite having everyone’s  attention – “how on God’s good earth did a cockroach find its way to my bed?” the hiss that thundered through the room was epic, June felt a storm brewing and as much as she would have enjoyed what was coming next not that Martha didn’t deserve every bit of it, but she thought it wise to make sure that this storm doesn’t strike, and so she climbed on her bed raising her voice to be heard by everyone and said “I know you guys are pissed, I definitely am, it’s barely 5’o’clock in the morning on a school day, but could we just leave all the drama to the drama queen?”
Daily Prompt

peace be with you…

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Dear diary
“It’s been a week now, yes, yes, I lasted that long, I too find it hard to believe but it truly has been an entire week since I embarked on this journey of mine and I must say that it’s been… Well, you know how wayfaring goes, the days have been hot and the nights really cold, I’m fast running out of food and money and the streets aren’t smiling, though I’ve met a lot of amazing people who really made the journey so far worthwhile (couldn’t have made it this far without them), I’ve also met some other people who – lets just say that this will make for a good story in the future, assuming that there’s one for me, I must confess that I’m tired but now is not the time to rest”. Tade put his diary in his back pack and set off to continue his journey, if his map was right he still had a long way to go, he kept on his way thinking just how happy he’d be when he finally got there until a little voice broke through his reverie and brought his mind back to his immediate environment, he’d walked really far from where he sat with his diary, he was now standing across an old building, with a beautiful little girl pulling at him and asking him to join them, he looked up to see a sea of kids he wasn’t sure exactly where he was nor had he meant to go there but somehow it seemed to him like his journey was finally over. He had picked a place at random and embarked on a journey in pursuit of purpose but it looked like purpose just found him.


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Good Idea Bad Idea


I saw this somewhere and I just loved it. Meanwhile it’s good to always follow your heart but it’s best if you took your brain with you, trust me they can’t both fail you…

Peace be with you…

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Hello everyone

I am terrified, like really, absolutely, mind-bogglingly  terrified. If you ask me I’ll say that there’s nothing to be terrified of, except of course something that is terrifying  so yeah, I’m terrified and the fear doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, I mean the more I think about it the more terrified I get, and I can’t not think about it so you can forget about forgetting about it, so I’m doing the next best thing, I’m writing about it. Read more ›

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